INCEPTUM blows out its 6th candle!!

This is who we are and this is our story, When we tell how the story of INCEPTUM junior entreprise began, we have to go much further than the “simple” rewind of six years: Our beginning was written in 2015, within of the private school of engineering and technology ESPRIT, where a group of versatile, motivated and committed students has formed one of the promising entrepreneurial ecosystems in the IT world, whose mission is to develop the network of Junior-Enterprises and to represent them at the national level.

Every story begins with a passion, and our passion is our profession, since INCEPTUM took its first steps towards professionalism, we have never stopped delivering promising projects to our clients and ensuring excellent communication with them. , and this thanks to its various departments composed of web development, Community management, SEO, graphic design and development.

Since its creation, the INCEPTUM has explored the world of IT and marketing with thirst and determination, a kind of duty imposed by its birth thanks to the various departments composed of web development, Community management, SEO referencing, graphic design , development and financial reporting.

The exchange with our customers has always been extremely important and priority for us, we do our best as INCEPTS to provide competitive and creative projects and win the satisfaction of our customers with our dedication and perseverance because our anthem is always “IT is our profession”.

this is the year of new goals, new vision and new path, this is the beginning of a new chapter, in which we will never back down, we will never stop doing what we believe in and , above all, we will never stop growing with our members, our network and our projects.

Today we are celebrating our sixth birthday with such enthusiasm and dedication to working with each other, motivating each other and, little by little, making the INCEPTUM proud of its members and its network.